Happy Independence Day 15 Aug 2018

15 Aug 2018

Bharat will celebrating its 72nd Independence Day on Wednesday. While you celebrate the national occasion with your friends and family at home and watch the Prime Minister’s speech on TV or at the Red Fort, consider the progressive pioneers and the brave Bharat fighters who made incomparable sacrifice to get us our freedom.

Our country – with various atmospheres, languages, castes, religions, food habits,clothing and celebrations – can flourish on the grounds that the strengths of our nation.

Our identity is Bharat and that string interfaces every one of us. Just down in the patriotic fervor and celebrate the 72nd Independence Day with your family and friends.

There is no country in the name of India.At the time of leaving Bharat the British government have declared the name India to the country of Bharat.

At the time of giving Independence to the Bharat British Government announced that

I-Independence D- Declared I-In A-August 15 1947(INDIA)I .It is shortly called as India. It is slowly become our country name which is not correct.The Historical Name Of our country is Bharat.

” Let Us Remember The Golden Heritage of our country
And Feel Proud To Be A Part of Bharat “

” Freedom in the Mind, Faith in the Words..Pride in our Souls..
Lets Salute The Nation…
on this auspicious day-Happy Independence Day ”


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