Best Healthy benefits of karela juice

karela juice for weight loss

Best Healthy benefits of Karela juice is considered a miracle drink for health and can be taken by anyone. It is believed that drinking Karela juice, which is also an essential tonic for diabetics, can actually help you burn belly fat and lose weight fast.
Bitter karela juice contains a stream of important nutrients such as iron, magnesium, potassium and vitamin C.In addition to these minerals and vitamins, it is also a rich source of fiber. Usually bitter baby karela juice helps the skin against imperfections and gives it a healthy, shiny appearance.
Here are Best Healthy benefits of karela juice:

1. Regulate insulin :

Karela juice is an excellent beverage for diabetics. Bitter gourd helps regulate blood sugar levels In your body. Constant blood sugar levels will eventually help you lose weight. Karela juice makes your insulin active, so if your insulin is active, your sugar will be used properly and not turning into fat, that would inevitably help you lose weight.

2. Low-calorie vegetables :

Bitter gourd is low in calories, fat and carbohydrates. You would be surprised to know that 100 grams of bitter gourd only have 34 calories. It is also low in carbohydrates and fats.

karela juice recipe

3. Rich in fiber :

Bitter gourd is rich in soluble fiber. It is said that the fiber in bitter squash pods equals 10 percent of it Recommended daily consumption. Foods rich in fiber induce the feeling of fullness. Because fiber takes time to digest,They feel full for a long period of time and tend to overdo it. The bitter gourd also fills up because it has a lot of water.About 89-94% of its weight is just water, which makes it an excellent summer vegetable.

Bitter gourd juice for weight loss

What do you need?

1 bitter gourd
2 sticks of celery
2-3 apples
1 cucumber
1 lemon peeled

How do I prepare?
Take a bitter gourd. Cut it in half, long ways. Now remove all seeds from the vegetables.Chop other fruits and vegetables. Mix with the bitter gourd in a blender.If you find the juice too bitter, you can add more fruit to your preparation.You can also add other fruits and vegetables of your choice.


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