Beauty services at your doorstep: ” Yes Madam app ” aims to provide reasonable beauty services

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The app aims to give the most reasonable and transparent beauty services at home, starting at Rs 6 per minute.

Aditya Arya, a 31-year-old sailor, went to a salon for a facial and the inexperienced beautician burnt his skin.

It was evident that treatment with duplicate products was the offender. In spite of the harm, Arya was slapped with a heavy bill of Rs 2,000. Not only for his face burnt; his pocket was also burning after the treatment he had at the salon.

Back home, Arya attempted to know the valuing mechanism of the beauty industry.

He inquired about on the online and figured it out that the real cost of the item is much less and salons for the mostly overcharge customers for the services. Single doses of the products were available for just Rs 400 and he was approached to pay Rs 2,000 at

the salon.

He felt that there was a desperate need of transparency in the system. These thoughts seeded the idea of creating a space where people could benefit bother free services with reasonable and transparent pricing.

It was then that Arya and his brother Mayank Arya co-founded Yes Madam—an app based salon at home for ladies,in December 2016. The Noida-based startup’s mobile app allows people to register and get beauty services in the comfort of their home.

“Duplicate items in beauty salons and cheating is the pain area, which Yes Madam looked to address,” says Mayank Arya,co-founder of Yes Madam.

The availability of Yes Madam app/website enables customers to consistently book appointments for services, for example, make-up, beauty regimes massage, rub, thinning, and so forth., without having to call during working hours.

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The startup gives reasonable beauty services at home through its one of a kind ‘6/8 per minute price model(‘6/minute for a regular beautician and Rs 8/minute for an premium beautician).

Pricing has been part into two sections, one is a service charge and another is product cost. So as to abstain from refilling or tampering and maintain transparency, the company only uses sealed mono sachets (once use).

What’s more, in the event that there is any material left in the packet, it is given over to the customer.

This likewise helps in calculating the cost of the product, not at all like in salons. For example, cost of O3 in addition to facial costs ‘810 at Yes Madam, while the expense of a similar facial amplifies to Rs 2,500 in a salon, he says.

beauty servicesThe organization has 250 or more prepared beauticians with record verification and police confirmations accomplished for well being reason.Each beautician acquires Rs 35,000-70,000 month to month, drawing in an expansive number of beauticians.

Products from topnotch beauty brands like O3+, Sara, VLCC, Lotus, Vedic Line, Rica, L’Oreal, Inatur, Ozone,and so on., are utilized in the beauty treatments.

As of now, Yes Madam is working in Delhi and NCR including Noida, Greater Noida, Gurgaon,  Ghaziabad and Faridabad. Thinking about the interest in the market, the startup plans to mark its pan-franchises before the current year’s over.

Flying high on the wings of extension, it is additionally offering establishments in different urban areas. The startup is anticipating locally available around 1 million clients and 10,000 beauticians in the following two years.

It currently has 1 lakh users,without offering any discount to customers. “The app gathers 10,000 plus orders for each month combined with yearly income of ‘2.5 crore,” says Mayank Arya.


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