Beautiful New Jhumka Earrings Designs For Pretty Girls


A woman’s jewellery collection is incomplete without jhumka earrings.jhumka ear rings have been worn by Indian women since time immemorial.They are gorgeous and an eternal favorite.The word ‘jhumka’ has evolved from the word ‘jhumki’.jhumki is bell shaped earring crafted in India.

They originate from South India, where this type of earrings was created and become popular At first,these earrings belonged to traditional traditional temple jewellery.

Due tio their beautiful,eye-catching design and variety of shapes they become a desirable item for a great number of Indian women, becoming the pride of their jewellery collections.They can be worn with everyday outfits
as well as for special occasions,s such as a festival, a birthday party, engagement or a wedding day. Here are the beautiful jhumkis ideas for you girls.



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